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  #015 Hofner Jazzica  -  La Provençale.
  Elegant and stylish,  La Provençale is unique.     A "must" for the serious Hofner collector.    It  is also a great jazz guitar.   Very jazzy!
  is a fully acoustic Hofner Jazzica, finished in high-gloss Black polyester with Gold fittings.    She is a "one-off" custom Jazzica, based on a hand made prototype for the Series 1, which I discovered in Germany in January 2006.  



This guitar has been superbly made by one of Hofner's master craftsmen probably in 1988/89.    It feels right and it plays really well.

The body is smaller at 15½” lower bout than the eventual production model and has an exceptionally slender neck.   Unlike all production Jazzicas it was purely acoustic when I acquired it and did not have any holes drilled for pots or pickup.

It was brought back to new condition in 2007 and upgraded with an AZ pickup and a custom hand-carved ebony pickguard.   It has superb acoustic characteristics and when amplified retains all those qualities but with added richness and warmth.

It is now just like new, except that the timbre has mellowed nicely with age.


  Easy to play,  this one has a comfortable, slender neck.
  Looks stunning  -  sounds rich and mellow  -  it asks to be played.
  Series 1 Jazzica has fine, simple lines - classic Hofner design.
    Le Provençale Pickguard.

The pickguard design mirrors the tailpiece and so adds balance to the whole design!

It is hand-carved in Ebony with engraved pin-stripe markings to follow the design of the tailpiece.   The pin-stripe and the Vol control plate are both finished in gloss black to blend in with the guitar.

It is edged with vintage black/white/black binding.


  Uniquely, for a Jazzica, the Volume control is mounted in the pickguard and there are not any holes in the body for the pickup or pots.   Just as a quality jazz guitar should be!
  La Provençale has a rich and mellow tone with a deep bass and brilliant highs, coupled with long sustain and excellent harmonics.   Acoustically, it has real power.   Electrically, the Shadow AZ is perfectly matched to the guitar’s natural characteristics and gives a pure jazz output.

This is very much a player’s guitar.    A real Jazzica!  

  Price :  £ 2,650     plus shipment (Insurance optional).    For overseas shipment please ask.
  More pics available on request.

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