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  #068   Hofner S7B Active Bass.  
I hunted for a very long while to find a Bass Guitar that sounded just like a real Double Bass.   Something I could play seated, not standing.   Finally, I discovered this  -  it's not the prettiest but the sound is amazing.   Just right for the studio!
It is so jazzy  -  so rich and clear -  you can hear the notes in perfect pitch  (no "thumping" here).
It was my intention to play it upright (so that , in my mind, I was playing a full size Jazz Bass).   I had planned to modify the body shape and to fit a long adjustable stainless steel peg to get the height right.  I am sure you get the idea.
Unfortunately I am not able to work on guitars now so it just sits in its gig bag in my loft.   That's a shame so I thought I should offer it. 
It is in immaculate condition and looks just like new,  a real collectors item, 
I call this "The Gannet" due to its shape but it had been my intention to modify it to a much more attractive design.
Nonetheless,  I bought it because it has the best Jazz Bass sound I have heard.   Yes, the jazziest, smoothest,  most mellow, most complete sound and full of character.   You can really hear the notes.   No more "thump" and "Plop".,    It sounds like a real Double Bass.
As you can see it is immaculate.   Just like new!
  The active circuit has been disabled (I want it Jazzy and warm not "Dirty" and "Funky"  but can easily be re-instated.   It only requires a wire to be re-connected.


No,  the left-handed Shorty is not for sale,  just shown here to give an idea of scale
  It has its own immaculate Gig-Bag too!
  Price :  695  plus shipment (Insurance optional).   For overseas shipment please ask.
  More pics available on request.

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