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  The single pickup Elite is the model most prized by jazz players.    It has a sweet jazzy tone but with enormous "bite" for a single pickup guitar..
  Designed by Jimmy D'Aquisto (and almost certainly checked and approved by him personally).
  The Elite's Natural finish was quite the rare and really suits this model.
  The adjustable tailpiece allows you to vary the string pressure on the Bridge.
  Fortunately the original strap button (with strap-locks) is still in place.
  Complete with Warrantee, Owner's Manual, Strap-locks and Case Key!
  Even a new set of D'Aquisto Jazz Signature strings await the new owner!
When he could no longer meet the increasing demand for his own, hand-made, signature guitars,   Jimmy D'Aquisto designed two models for Fender - the Standard and the Elite.     The Elite was a single pickup model and has become "the one to have" for the keen jazz player. 

Production began in 1984  at Fender's Custom Shop in Japan with Jimmy D'Aquisto personally involved in the building of the first series, all of which were destined for the US.   They used a new Schaller pickup (specially designed by D'Aquisto) incorporating a double row of pole-pieces and finished in matt black.    They are sweet!   

This natural version is the fourth of these delightful guitars I have owned and probably the most elegant.     It comes from that first series, made in 1984, at a time when Jimmy was personally inspecting every guitar.

The guitar plays very nicely.   I mean really nicely  -  like #080, it has a special quality about it.   There is some play wear on the frets but none at all on the rest of the guitar and this lovely Natural finish is close to Mint condition  -  no marks, blemishes, scratches or dents,  just four weather checking lines on the top which is absolutely to be expected with a Fender D'Aquisto,  they are all like it to some degree and this one is a really fine example.    The only negative points are that a second strap button has been added and there are six small redundant screws in the headstock signalling that other tuners had been fitted at some time in the guitars life although the original tuners are back on the guitar.    Despite these cosmetic issues it is a superb guitar to play, in fact its a players guitar through and through.    So, overall, pretty much like a new guitar.    It deserves to be played!

It is a typically D'Aquisto style of guitar, slightly smaller body, short scale at 24.75"  lightweight, with a really comfortable neck and set up properly.     It is a delight to play.    The electrics are perfect and the tone is very jazzy  -  the tone control ranges from sweet to bright.    The acoustic properties of the body are amazing.    Unamplified harmonics just ring-on for ever!!   Amplified,  well I just remember those lovely old videos of Jimmy Raney playing his Elite!

The case is all original with some normal signs of age but generally in outstanding condition.  

This is a really special guitar and not many were made in this spec.     Stunning to look at,  but even better to play!!    


  Price :  2,450   plus shipment. (Insurance Optional)      


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