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#105  D'ANGELICO  NYS-2.    1997.   Very Rare.   Superb.


A little background.

  John D'Angelico first made a small-bodied cutaway New Yorker archtop in 1950 (#1850) and then a special guitar for Don Arnone (a top studio guitarist) in 1951.   The Arnone guitar had a different body shape,  a little like a Les Paul .

When Hidesato Shiino designed the original Vestax range, he used the same 14.75"  body shape for both the NYS-2 and the NYSS-3, trying to get as close as possible to the 1951 guitar.   

I searched for 14 years before finding this Mint example.


  The early NYS-2 is the smallest bodied New Yorker archtop.    Stunning ....  and great tone.
  I expected it's tone to be rather bright with a pronounced treble.   It turns out to be very well balanced and those early D'A pickups are so warm.  A delightful little jazzer and so easy to play.
  Perfectly proportioned  -  a Les Paul sized archtop.     Isn't that what Robert Conti is getting close to in 2015?
  Great depth of colour in the Vintage Sunburst.   Only four colours were available on this model.
  I have seen only one Vestax D'Angelico dated 1996.   This one, at 1997, is right at the beginning of production.   Quality is excellent.
   Superb book-matched Flame Maple.
  The Vestax version comes close to the original.
  Catalogues and website of the day all show this model as the NYS-2.   I am unsure what the PS suffix refers to.   Ongoing research on this!    Note the early "Script" style of Vestax label.
  The warrantee also confirm this as a PS model!!
  The current model NYS-2 is on the left and the early model on the right.   

The early model shares its Top with the early NYSS-3 and so is narrower at the waist and narrower at the Upper and Lower Bout than the model that followed it.    

The new shape is flatter at the bottom with a more ES-335 style cutaway.    

  Here you can see clearly the differences in the shape of the cutaway.    The modern NYS-2 cutaway is ES-335 shape, whereas the early NYS-2 is Les Paul Shape.    
  The early NYS-2 shown in the Vestax website and Catalogue.
  This is a superb example of a 1997 early model Vestax NYS-2 New Yorker.    It has a 14.75" body that is also smaller at the top-bout and in the waist than the revised shape that came later.    Like the current model the body is 2.75"deep with a short scale 24.75".   

Many top jazz guitarists are now playing small body archtops  -  just another reminder of how innovative John D'Angelico was.    Similarly,  the NYS-2 was ahead of its time.

This guitar has a superb jazzy tone as befits an archtop of such quality.   After 18 years its timbre has mellowed nicely -  it really is sweet.

All the Vestax D'Angelicos feel the same in your hands.    The neck is superb and this one is a joy to play.   This smaller body version is so beautifully balanced and is very comfortable to play.    Although its acoustic voice is a little less powerful than the NYL-2, when amplified it has just as big a sound as the full sized model with all the tonal characteristics of the larger bodied versions.

It is all original,  and almost in Mint condition, complete with its original case, case key and truss-rod key and warrantee card.    


Selected Maple neck with

  • Ivory neck binding
  • 24.75" scale
  • Nut Width: 1 11/16"
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • 22 frets
  • Mother of Pearl inlays
  • Mother of pearl D'Angelico Logo and New Yorker inlays on headstock
  • Rosewood overlay with Mother of pearl diamond inlay on back of headstock
  • Multi-ply black and white binding
  • Grover Imperial Machines

Semi-Hollow body

  • Small size,  New Yorker Style 14.75" body with Les Paul single cutaway finished in Vintage Sunburst
  • 2.75" body depth
  • German spruce top
  • Flamed maple back and sides
  • Multi-ply black and white binding on body and F holes

Electrics & Fittings

  • Single humbucking floating pickup mounted on pickguard
  • 1 volume, 1 tone control mounted on pickguard
  • 1/4" output jack
  • Carved, compensated Ebony Bridge
  • Gold hardware
  • New Yorker style tailpiece
  • New Yorker style stairstep pickguard with black and white binding

  Price :  4,150 plus shipment (Insurance optional).   For overseas shipment please ask.
  More pics available on request.

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