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D'Angelico NYL-2, #045 Gibson ES Artist, #049 D'Angelico NYL-2 Custom, #051Hofner Jazica, #055 Benedetto Fratello, #059 Hofner T6S, #060 Guild Manhattan X 175,

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  Guitars 4 Sale.

From my personal collection of classic, rare & vintage jazz archtops.



Guild X-500S Special.   Single Pickup.


#096  Guild X-500S.  1 of only 2 made.

A real jazz guitar from the great age of be-bop.   Owned and played mostly by Jazz professionals throughout its life,  this is an exceptional archtop in outstanding condition and so easy to play!

Only two single pickup X-500s were made, both in 1975.  This is the only remaining, original example.   No others single pickup models were made until the X-700.

It has a stunning, rich golden finish with a rich, golden tone to match.   All original and virtually no play wear!    Complete with original case.

This is a unique and very important guitar.   It lived in the Studios and Bars of New York throughout the late 70's and early 80's yet there is hardly a mark on it.

There will never be another one like this.

Price    £4650

For pics and full details, just click on the pic.

  1980   Gibson ES Artist Custom.


"Quite amazing!   Jazz, Blues, Fusion, Everything  ....  and so easily.    Magical.

This is a one-off, Customer Special, built by Dan Torres of California on a Gibson ES Artist for a West Coast bluesman, who wanted ES 335 sound and performance with all the pickup splitting options of a PRS.

The Torres electrics are mighty!   

Like new,  it plays superbly with virtually no play wear!

This is my perfect blues guitar - but its pretty jazzy too.   In fact, it has a "Jazz Switch" -  that's why I bought it.

Price    £2650   

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D'Aquisto Elite by Fender   (Single Pickup)



#103  D'Aquisto Elite.    GREAT TONE.

This is it - as near as you get to a real D'Aquisto.

The Elite is the model most sought after by jazz guitarists.  

This is a fine instrument in outstanding condition and such an easy guitar to play.   It has a rich, melodic voice with a wide tonal spectrum and is just as jazzy as can be!  

It is vibrant and resonant with excellent sustain and harmonics.    Nice warm Schaller p/u.

A lovely guitar and very much a player's instrument.  

Price    ON HOLD   

For more pics and full details, just click on the pic

  1988/89   JAZZICA CUSTOM  (Unique)

#015  Hofner Jazzica  -  La Provençale.

La Provençale is unique.    She is a "one-off" custom Jazzica, based on a hand made Series 1 from 1988/89.

She will tease you this Provençale,  with her elegant dark looks,  her slender feel and her deep seductive voice.     It is not easy to say "No" to this lady from the warm South.   She wants to be played.

La Provençale has a rich and mellow tone with a deep bass and brilliant highs, coupled with long sustain and excellent harmonics.   Acoustically, she has real power.  Amplified, the Shadow AZ is perfectly matched to the guitar’s natural characteristics and gives a pure jazz output.

She would be a dramatic centrepiece in any serious Hofner collection  -  better still, this is very much a player’s guitar.    A real Jazzica!  

Price    £2650   

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D'Angelico Vestax NYS-2.  Small-body.


#209  NYS-2   VESTAX.   MINT.

The NYS-2 is the small body New Yorker at 15.5" wide, 2.75"deep with a 24.75" scale.   

John D'Angelico first made a small-bodied archtop in 1951.   Now, when many top jazz guitarists are playing small body archtops,  its clear to see that the NYS-2 was way ahead of its time.

I personally prefer this size  -  it is comfortable, lightweight and easy to play, retaining all the tone, depth and character of the full sized models when amplified.

This 2002 guitar has a superb jazzy feel as befits an archtop of quality.   It has one of the early warm pickups and, after 12 years, has mellowed nicely.    Signed by Hidesato Shiino

Price    £3450   Superb.    

For more pics and full details, just click on the pic

  2004   Guild Benedetto Johnny Smith.

#086  Johnny Smith Award.   MINT

The Benedetto Johnny Smith Award is a truly great guitar!  Stunning to look at,  inspiring to play.  I really love this guitar!  

it is full voiced with ringing harmonics and capable of delivering whatever a guitarist calls for.   Utterly amazing feel and tone.   Enormous acoustic power  -  superb electric voice.

This guitar has only been played very lightly for a few hours, with no visible sign of playing and zero wear.   I am happy to describe it as Mint.

Signed by Bob Benedetto with its original case and Certificate of Authenticity.

It feels right and it sounds superb!

Price    £6850

For more pics and full details, just click on the pic

  2008   Triggs Byrdland Custom Single Pickup.

#100  Byrdland single p/u.    SUPERB.

This is the only known single pickup Byrdland.  A jazz players dream guitar!

Had I started with a clean page, thinking about my ideal guitar,  I would have created exactly this instrument.  

Jim Triggs is widely recognised as having made the very best of Gibson's Byrdlands and it is only natural that he should have been commissioned to make this Custom model in 2008.    Superb in every sense.  Amazing tone.

Immaculate, original and like new*  it is quite sublime.

Price    £6850          

For pics and full details*, just click on the pic

  2014   D'Angelico NYSS-3b  LIMITED EDITION. 
    #104  NYSS-3b LTD.  2 Hrs Play.

This 2014 Birds Eye Maple NYSS-3b is exquisite.   Only two have been made with this finish.

The neck and sides are finished in a rich, vintage Natural and the whole guitar looks stunning.   I have owned it since new and kept it as a museum piece.    It has been played only to keep it in tune.  

For better images please click on the pic.

Price   £3750

For more pics and full details, just click on the pic

  2016   D'Angelico NYSS-3b FLAME MAPLE.

#106  NYSS-3b FM.   NEW   UNPLAYED

This gorgeous Violinburst Flame Maple-Top is one of only six to have been made.    

NEW and unplayed it still has its protective film on pickups and pickguard.   

This Flame Maple finish is my favourite of all the NYSS-3b models.    It is just stunning to look at and has fantastic tone.   (Kurt Rosenwinkel is now playing a custom Flame-top).

Price   £3650

For more pics and full details, just click on the pic 

  and  ....  my very rare JAZZ BASS!
  1980's   Hofner S7B. Long Scale Bass
    This is not included in my Collection, so does not have a #.

This is my Studio Jazz Bass that I just don't play.   It has amazing tone and is so musical.   It "double" may I say,  for a Double Bass.  A true Bass -  it is worth reading the description.

It is in immaculate condition and in collectors quality but it is just brilliant to play.   Sounds amazing!

Price   £695

For more pics and full details, just click on the pic 

  My latest (and final) Custom Hofner project is coming on nicely and should be finished early next year.    Then I shall hang up my apron and give the workshop a thorough Spring Clean.    So now seems like a good time to go through all my surplus spare parts and offer them to Hofner lovers and restorers wherever you are.


HOFNER PARTS    For details, pics and prices:



This is NOT a headstock Fascia.

It is THE original Workshop MASTER,  from the Bubenreuth factory,  kept by me as a memento of a factory visit a long while ago!

This is simply a nice, original and genuine item of memorabilia to hang in your workshop!

The Inlay is set into a hard resin based fibre board.

The pic below shows the word MASTER written in Chalk.

It was used as a pattern and a guide in the days when headboards were inlaid by hand.

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