#291.  Multi-sound System with Acoustic Filter for A2HL(i) 


This complete loom is from a Hofner A2HL(i)  and comprises a Multi-sound System,  an Acoustic Filter and conventional Volume and Tone controls.

It only requires to be connected to two humbuckers* and fitted back into your archtop.    It is fed through the neck pickup aperture.   You would need to pre drill the appropriate holes.


The system in place.


The complete loom on removal from the guitar.


The multi-sound system provides humbucking, splitting or out of phase independently for each pickup by means of two small toggle switches on the right, whilst the left hand toggle is a conventional pickup selector switch.   That gives 15 possibilities.


 Nothing to wire-up.   Just connect your pickups*


The acoustic filter is a little harder to define.   Whereas a Tone control is simply a treble cut (so turning to bass just lops off some treble) the acoustic filter leaves all the treble in place but softens and rounds the bass.    It was Hofner's intention was to create a more acoustic sound.   The acoustic filter is the third knob.     The first two knobs are the Volume and Tone controls.

  All units are heavily screened and caged.
  *  Humbuckers should ideally be wax potted for best results and be wired for coil splitting.
  Here are some extracts from period Hofner Catalogues:
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