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All my full body archtops are now available for sale.


A year ago I started work on my latest Hofner Custom archtop.   Now I am at the point where I can plan the build.   I have decided to use the same piece of Rosewood from which I carved the pickguard and tailpiece for The Jazz Café.    So, it will be a little sister to The Jazz Café.

You can see it Here or "In the Workshop."


There is now a new button in the menu for Hofner parts.  


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#001 Gibson Byrdland 1965




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A personal collection of classic, rare & vintage jazz archtops.



This is Bob Benedetto's completely re-designed Johnny Smith.   It looks like Guild's much acclaimed JS Award but Bob Benedetto reworked the curves,  the carving and the bracing,  the scale,  the construction,  the quality and the playability and,  of course,  the tone.   The acoustic tone is magnificent and through Benedetto's S6 Jazz humbucker becomes majestic. 
Made in Guild's Custom Shop in 2004, this is just the best Johnny Smith ever.   
I am reluctantly parting now with all my full body archtops due to a shoulder injury that wont go away!    Valued at £6850.    Offered at £6250.    Details





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