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I am happy to consider offers for the D'Aquisto, and some other guitars.    Please see Guitars 4 Sale page above.


I am still listing more Hofner and Gibson parts, spares, tools and exotic woods.  

There is now a new button in the menu above for guitar parts.  


I deeply regret that the £GBP keeps falling ..... but, at least, the best time to buy in the UK is right now!


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#001 Gibson Byrdland 1965




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Hofner Sale


A personal collection of classic, rare & vintage jazz archtops.




Hofner Art #10   -   Ooooh, those curves!
Hofner Jazzicas:   #048  Series 1.  #051 Series 1 Custom and #015 La Provençale.

More Hofner parts listed this month  -  this is an AZ AWARD tailpiece.






Vintage, Rare, Archtop, Jazz Guitar, Gibson, Guild, Benedetto, D'Angelico, D'Aquisto, Vestax, NYSS-3b, NYSS-3,

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