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Rare, Vintage, Jazz, Archtop, Guitar, Gibson, Byrdland, D'Angelico, Guild, Hofner, Benedetto, Guitars for Sale, Guitar Collection,







Rare, Vintage, Jazz, Archtop, Guitar, Gibson, Byrdland, D'Angelico, Guild, Hofner,





  #073 Hofner.  The Burgundy President.
  1.  On Arrival I photograph every detail.      It comes in useful later!
  I bought this guitar knowing it would need a little work.     When I had it in my hands I was pleased to confirm that it had been well cared for over the years,  it played reasonably well, and it had not had any repairs.

There had, however,  been quite a bit of plectrum damage to the top and there were two deep chips and a 1" gouge to the headstock,  so a light restoration was in order.  

  Some vigorous plectrum damage on the Bass side.
  .................   and right along to the Bridge!
  Years of grime deep in the checking!   Chips and a deep gouge looked unsightly.
  A good strong neck joint but with natural shrinkage and finish cracks as usual!    I don't really want to leave the strap-button there,
  That heel-cap has been re-glued.  Alarm Bells!   A slight flaw in the neck!
  2.  Stripped and Recorded.
  Years of dust and fluff but it all works.   Better than a wiring diagram.
  3.  Synopsis.
  Overall,  the Burgundy President is in good condition for its age.   It has a lot of cosmetic wear and tear but is structurally strong.     Its original pickup has gone and been replaced by a 510 Super Response (in Gold - unlike all the original fittings).    It needs a 511 Staple pickup but otherwise I believe I can keep the original electrics.    There is a flaw in the neck (damage in manufacture by the look of it because the original finish covers it) so maybe that's why there is a "2" stamped on the headstock!     I have never seen that before with a Hofner  -  a factory second??     That could be why it was hidden away in a corner until the factory closed in 1984.

I would prefer to leave this as original as possible.   The plan is to refurbish the finish,  repairing the more serious areas but otherwise letting it show its age.     I may use a period pickup but I am considering using a genuine Hofner Re-issue Vintage 511.     I have a period Bridge for it and everything else is original and re-useable.

  4.  Cleaning, dealing with neck issues and rejuvenating the finish.
  I always start with the neck.   I need to know that it will play nicely before I invest more time!    Cleaned, sanded with 1800 Dry,  and oiled.   Not quite dry yet!    It will get 4 or 5 dressings with Gibson Fretboard Conditioner (the best).
  Coat after coat of clear cellulose flooded into the chips, then flatted and polished.
  Much better and the checking lines are still there as they should be.     Originality is preserved!
  Finished.    A gentle refurbishment of the body and neck now complete.    Any damage repaired followed by hours of flatting and refinishing of the top coat to minimise the plectrum damage  -  but the originality of the finish (and its hard life) has been retained.     After a lot of polishing it is now ready to build-up!
  Faithful reissue of Hofner's trusty type 511 Staple pickup.   It sounds really good across the range.
  5.   Current Status.

Restoration Completed

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