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  #001   1965 Gibson Byrdland.  
  I had been wanting a Byrdland for years.      I had read about them and seen pictures of them but never even held one until I saw this one.    The thinline body, coupled with short scale was exactly what I wanted  (I've never had a good reach and a lot of extended jazz chords are outside my ability).     When I fist played this one it felt so good.     I went back to Denmark Street again and again  -  each time it felt right.     But this was expensive and I always like to have a choice so I spent several months looking for and trying a few more.    

Some guitars work for you and others don't.    Somehow, this one made playing easy and it was a really good one.    Authenticated as all original and without damage or repairs ( I sat in Vintage and Rare darkened workshop and examined every square inch with a Black Light, looking for past damage or repair) but it was all 100%.    Not only was it good,  it looked fabulous  -  typical rich matured natural cellulose and Gibson's famous Gold on the hardware, worn thin over the years.    But best of all, those '57 paf buckers.     When you play a genuine '57 paf (and in 1965 they were)  it is magical.     So much warmth  -  so much bite  - and of course, the Byrdland has its Bridge pickup mounted much nearer the Neck pickup for a really jazzy combination.

I played, we haggled,  I played some more.     A week or two later I went back to collect it.    There it was,  the perfect spec:   1965 (one of the best years)   Florentine cut,  Natural,  all original with original Lifton case.

It never disappointed.    Its only issue  -  it was quite narrow at the nut and made fingering a little tight.     Only when I discovered my "perfect neck" (see #010)  could I even consider selling this fantastic guitar. 


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