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  #004   D'ANGELICO NYSS-3b.


  Great to look at - great to play - and now in the hands of Walter Beltrami.
  This lovely guitar was finished in Vintage Natural.   For more details, please see #026 which is finished in Natural.


Walter was a student of Kurt Rosenwinkel, the world's greatest up-and-coming jazz guitarist, at his guitar jazz school in Switzerland and was searching for a guitar just like the master.   You will see this guitar featured on Walters website.   (see Jazzy Stuff)

The NYSS-3 is Kurt's guitar of choice and this is what he says about it:

"Iíve always kept an arsenal of guitars, and have always looked for very specific things from each - the response and character of each note, the clarity of each note within a chord, sustain, frequency range, playability. Iíve often found myself compromising, sacrificing one quality for another.

Now that I have the NYSS-3, I feel that Iíve found the single guitar Iíve been seeking for more than 15 years.   It produces a warm, fat tone, with a lot of front endóthe kind of tone I need to carry a band and push the music in different directions without the sound getting in the way.    With every note I can feel the whole instrument resonate under my fingers.

When Iím absorbed in playing, I donít want to be distracted by the guitar, and with the DíAngelico,  I can trust the workmanship,  I can trust it to always stay in tune and always give me the sound I need."


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