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  #007  Early 1960s Gibson ES 125T.  
  I had never been interested in these simple early Gibson's but we went to a Georgie Fame gig and really loved the evening.     He opened at the Piano singing Golly Miss Molly with his back to the audience but looking over his shoulder.   From the very first second he Rocked!     So too did his guitarist.    It was his son Tristan Powell and he played one of these.      His solo that evening was Little Red House and he got this 125T to sound like Hendrix.    He just hit it,  let the sound build into a massive everything, then played.     How do you do that with a single P90?     I had to have one.   

Luckily I found this perfect one in Georgia and I played it all summer.    It turned out to be a fabulous Blues guitar.     I am quite tempted to look for another.


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