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  #010   D'ANGELICO NYL-5.     VESTAX.     MINT.
  The NYL-5 is the 2.25" thinline version of the NYL-2.   Perfect for me in every respect.   Apart from the full scale neck, it is the Byrdland of this generation!
  Immaculate and perfectly balanced.
  Superb Flame Maple with D'Angelico's Vintage Sunburst.


I bought this guitar new in New York early in 2005.    The NYL-5 is the Byrdland of the Vestax range.    It is the thinline 17" New Yorker but with a full scale and floating Kent Armstrong mini-humbucker.    Rather like a thinline Johnny Smith!

Some guitars just feel right the minute you hold them ....  and when you play,  they almost play themselves.    This is one of those guitars,  comfortable,  effortless and with superb tone.

Such tone and so easy to play.   It has all the hallmarks of the classic Vestax guitars and this one is signed-off by the legendary master luthier Hidesato Shiino in 2004.

I really love this guitar and it was my main player for a year but I have a very light touch and you just wouldn't be able to find the slightest signs of having been played.    It still looks MINT and plays like a dream.

As a 2004 instrument, its tone is now soft and mellow,  rich and jazzy.  

I always think it sounds rather like Anthony Wilsons Byrdland.    A really nice archtop and a superbly jazzy guitar.



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