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  The CUSTOM version has a carved top, otherwise there are not any outward clues that it is Custom except that the pickguard is made of Moccassa Ebony.
  Violinburst but real nitro-cellulose (not stain).     Amazing!
  Richly flamed Maple on the back, sides and neck.
  NYL-2C on the left and NYL-4 on the right.
  I bought this gorgeous instrument from a collector in the US who buys but never plays guitars.     I have regarded it as a collectors guitar and played it for less than a couple of hours.    

It had been ordered specially from D'Angelico through Ed Roman Guitars.    The Custom NYL-2 model is very rare and Violinburst was only available for 2 years as a special order.    As you can imagine there are very few Customs in that special finish and so this gorgeous guitar represents a excellent Investment grade, Collectors guitar.

Some Custom models have the name CUSTOM engraved on a fret marker and I have seen one other with the guitar label inscribed NYL-2C.    This guitar has neither so I had it checked out by Vestax who confirmed by email that this is indeed a Custom.

All these D'Angelicos feel the same in your hands.    The neck is superb and this one plays just like my other NYL-2 but, with the carved top, has a more complete tone - gentler and somehow softer.     

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