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  #052   D'ANGELICO NYL-4.


  This is the 18" wide body version like the Super 400.      Stunning!
  Big body - big sound.
  The back of the head is veneered in Rosewood with the familiar D'Angelico Diamond inset in Mother of Pearl.
  There has always been something special about 18” archtops and John D’Angelico was one the pioneers of these big-body guitars.    He made them in response to the demands of Big Band guitarists back in the 1940’s who needed more acoustic volume to compete with the horns.     Even after amplification the Gibson Super 400 has always had a special place in Rock, Blues and Jazz. 

Like its 18” predecessors, this lovely instrument has a cross-braced top giving that full, sweet tone and big, big sound which sets the big body archtops above all others.

This was a really nice Mint example and with it's cross-braced body gave tons of acoustic volume.     Again, the Violinburst dates it and I have not seen another 4 in this finish.  

The 18" is a big guitar and is very imposing.   With the resurgence of interest in Big Band it soon found a deserving home.


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