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  #055   Benedetto Fratello.   Serial No 42.


Benedetto Fratello No 42.

 Exceptionally Rare.



The Fratello is Bob Benedetto's classic Jazz Archtop  -  born of a lifetime's experience.

He personally made 102 Fratellos through the 1980's and 90's, then created a small team of dedicated luthiers, working under his close personal supervision, to meet the demand for these hand carved instruments.    Each guitar made by his craftsmen has been personally checked by Bob Benedetto and only when he was entirely happy with a guitar would he put his name to it.    This fabulous instrument, built in 2004, bears his signature on the label and on the Certificate of Authenticity which comes with the guitar.

Finished in Opulent Brown it is absolutely Mint.

The Fratello is simply the best!    Stunning to look at,  inspiring to play,  it is full voiced with ringing harmonics and capable of delivering whatever a guitarist calls for.    It feels right and it sounds superb!   This is a great acoustic archtop and the Benedetto S6 floating pickup is legendary.   This is the only guitar I have owned where playing the same note in different positions on different strings sounds the same!!

This guitar has only been played lightly, with no visible sign of wear.    It is just like new -  absolutely mint and complete with its original, mint, TDK plush lined case and Certificate of Authenticity.


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