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  The single pickup Elite is the model most sought by jazz players.    It has a sweet jazzy tone but with enormous "bite" for a neck mounted pickup.


  The Japanese market version was only available in 1984 and had its own serial numbers.    They featured gold hardware with a special D'Aquisto designed Schaller single row pole-piece pickup.    Also, it does not have a pickguard.    Moreover, the Black Beauty gloss finish was only available for the Japanese market.
  Jimmy D'Aquisto designed two models for Fender, the Elite and the Standard.     A small number of the Elites were single pickup and these have become the "ones to have" for the keen jazz player. 

The early 80's guitars were all made at Fenders Custom Shop in Japan under the auspices of Fender Japan and Jimmy D'Aquisto was personally involved in the production of the first series, all of which were destined for the US.      Fender Japan quickly saw the possibility of producing a variant for their home market and ran these through the Custom Shop in '84 alongside the initial batch for the US.     They have different serial numbers and I have contacted Fender US to try to find out how many were made but so far without success.

Mine is one of that first series, made in 1984, for the Japanese market.       The "Japanese" guitars vary from the US spec in that they have what I believe are specially designed (by D'Aquisto) single pole-piece pickups made by Schaller finished in Gold, whereas the US models had the same pickups but with twin rows of pole-pieces and finished in matt black.     Also the Japanese models did not have pickguards.    It was bought in Japan by a US serviceman who brought it back to the States after his posting ended.     I bought it directly from him.

The guitar plays really nicely.   There is a little play wear generally but less than I would expect for a guitar of this age.    A few frets show signs of wear but the guitar plays so nicely that I wouldn't dress the frets at this stage.

It is a typically D'Aquisto style of guitar, slightly smaller body, short scale at 24.75"  really comfortable neck and set up properly.     It is a delight to play.    The electrics are perfect and the tone is amazingly jazzy.

This is a really lovely and very rare guitar and stunning to look at.    

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