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  #078  D'ANGELICO  NYL-2FH.     2006


  Superb woods  -  real craftsmanship.
  Perfect!  A rare thing  - a 2006 NYL-2  
  Style with a purpose!    You could be forgiven for thinking this to be ornate BUT the guitar is perfectly balanced as a result of John D'Angelico's clever design.!
  This is the fullsize New Yorker NYL-2 with 17" body, 3"deep but with a Fixed Humbucker.       These superb instruments are renowned for their superb jazzy tone as befits a full body archtop of quality.      All the Vestax D'Angelicos feel the same in your hands.    The neck is superb and this one plays just like my other L-2s.  

Mine has had its original full sized Kent Armstrong humbucker upgraded with a Benedetto A6 by Ivor Mairants.    A big improvement in my view and it sounds great.   




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