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  These were so good that Gibson had to withdraw them as they were hurting sales of Gibson's own Byrdland.     Quite an accolade!
  Looks, feels and plays just like a Byrd but at half the price!
  Heavily flamed Maple back and rims.     Gorgeous!

  The only difference between the Epi and the Gibson is in the headstock, logo and tuners.
  All the hardware looks just like new but the tailpiece is not engraved with the Byrdland name on this model. 

Gibson systematically forced the Epiphone name down-market in order to offer a low priced brand -  a great shame as vintage Epis were once far better guitars than Gibsons of the same era!

Realising their error, Gibson created a small number of very high quality guitars bearing the Epiphone name in the early 80's, made in the Japanese Aria plant.    After a few years they went one better and launched the Elitist range.

The Elitist models were made by Terada to an exceptionally high quality level.     The Byrdland was top of the Elitist range.   

The Elitist Byrdlands were a massive success,  to the extent that they hurt Gibson's sales of its own Byrdland model.    Consequently the Elitist was withdrawn a few years later in order to protect the Gibson model.    Full circle!!

As a result, the Elitist legacy is a small pool of very rare, exceptional guitars that have become legendary and are now highly sought-after.   

The Spec of the Elitist is exactly like the Gibson Byrdland with short 23.5" scale on a 2.25 thinline body.    The top is carved solid spruce with AAA flamed maple back and sides.   The fingerboard is Ebony.    Gibson's 50S  USA humbuckers are sealed in wax to eliminate internal feedback and are 24K gold-plated.

The Epiphone Elitist Byrdland Guitar is one of the all-time most-revered hollowbodies with astounding appointments and peerless tone.

It is absolutely Mint and complete with its original Mint case and some tags and warrantee.    I was lucky to find this one.



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