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  #090  D'ANGELICO  NYL-5FH.     2001


  The fixed humbucker gives the thinline 5 more punch. 
  Stunning in Vintage Natural!
  Superb woods  -  real craftsmanship.
  2001 pickups are warm and rich. The label should read NYL-5 FH!
  Style with a purpose!    You could be forgiven for thinking this to be ornate BUT the guitar is perfectly balanced as a result of John D'Angelico's clever design.!
  The NYL-5FH is one of the best archtops in the D'Angelico Vestax range.    It is the thinline 17" archtop but with a fixed Kent Armstrong humbucker.    The nearest thing to a Byrdland with an L5 scale.    It beats the L5 any day!

Some guitars just feel right the minute you hold them ...  and when you play,  they almost play themselves.    This is one of those guitars,  comfortable,  effortless and with superb tone  ...  and so easy to play.  

It has all the hallmarks of the classic Vestax guitars and is signed-off by the legendary master luthier Hidesato Shiino.

This 2001 instrument shows hardly any signs of use but clearly has been played-in nicely and its tone has mellowed and softened.    Very nice.





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