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  #093  D'ANGELICO  NY-DC.   2002.  Limited Edition.
  Any marks you see are simply reflections!
  Compact  -  only 15" lower bout.    A Les Paul size,  double cut archtop.
  Limited edition.
  Style with a purpose!    You could be forgiven for thinking this to be ornate BUT the guitar is perfectly balanced as a result of John D'Angelico's clever design.!
  ES-335 style plain Maple back with Mahogany neck.
  Signed-off by Hidesato Shiino makes this one special.
  D'Angelico Guitars of America introduced the NY-DC (Double Cut) right at the beginning of their involvement with Vestax in 1999.    It was close in spec to the NYSS-3 with minor variations in upper and lower bout, but the principal difference was the use of the double cutaway.   This model was intended to go up against Gibson's ES-335.

It was however very ornate and, like all the Vestax D'Angelicos, it used the very best Flamed Maple.     It was decided for 2002 only to build a Limited Edition model using woods closer the the Gibson spec.

This is one of those very rare Limited Edition models from 2002.    It plays superbly,  sounds amazing and looks fantastic in this Special Order Vestax Violinburst.    Very few were made in this finish  -  this is the only one I have seen.

All the Vestax D'Angelicos feel the same in your hands, the necks are  superb, but this one is a monster to play!    It can be rich and majestic and very jazzy, but it can bite your hand off.    John Schofield would love this!! 


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