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  #099  D'ANGELICO  NYS-2FH Custom.   2013.    NEW.
  The NYS-2 has been part of the Vestax range since its inception in 1999 but they have only been offered with a floating mini humbucker.  

My current NYS, #034, has become a favourite over the years.    It is just right for me these days  -  the smaller body, shorter scale length, suits me well.    I always thought, however, that it would benefit from a full size humbucker.    So,  specifying a fixed, full size bucker for this custom guitar should add a further dimension to my favourite instrument and will also allow me to experiment with alternative pickups whenever I want. 

Through my good friend Masaki in Japan,  I asked Vestax for a FH Special Order, with body mounted controls, hand made Ebony pickguard and finished in Violinburst.      

Now, about 9 months later,  it is nearly here!

  This is the first one to be built to this spec so I was sent Drawings in advance to agree the final design and position of the controls, etc.    I wanted body mounted controls as they have better sound quality (in my view) than the micro pots that are used when mounted on the pickguard.
  I asked if I might have some photos of my guitar during the fitting and finishing phase and I was delighted to receive these.
  Vestax D'Angelicos are still very much built by hand at the Terada plant.
  Wiring the tone pot, jack and earth.

  .....   and in goes the vol pot too.

  Trial fit!

  All done and ready for setting the action.

  The small body, short scale instruments are more to my liking these days.  They are so light, easy and comfortable to play.    This one is 15.5" wide, with a 24.75" scale and 2.75" deep.     In reality,  the finish is a little warmer than in these digital pics and more vibrant.    Utterly stunning!
  With its big brother NYL-2.

NYS-2 FH sits happily between NYL-2 (left) and NYSS-3b (right).

  The Fixed Humbucker was a good choice.      Now I have to decide whether to fit my favourite Bartolini humbucker in place of the stock Kent Armstrong.
  Such perfect craftsmanship.    The Ebony pickguard fits perfectly.     The choice of Macassar Ebony was an expensive option but very much worth it.    It was hand made for the NYS 2, with the binding applied by hand in layers, just as John D'Angelico used to do.    These small touches really make a fine instrument.
  The familiar headstock gives perfect balance to the guitar.     It just sits on my knee without moving.
  2.75" is a good depth for a 15.5" body but perhaps lacking just a little Bass!
  The selection of woods on this one is superb.
  I had asked for the designation NYS-2FH Special on the label.     Instead it arrived with the name Custom on the Warrantee so that's what I now call it.    Crews Corporation has been Vestax sole distributor since around 2008.

Looking to the future,  when I am down to just a handful of guitars,  each one will have its place.    I hope this one will become my everyday playing, practicing and relaxing guitar, but to do that it has to be better than #034,  my long term favourite.       We'll see!!




Selected Maple neck with

  • Ivory neck binding
  • 24.75" scale
  • Nut Width: 1 11/16"
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • 22 frets
  • Mother of Pearl inlays
  • Mother of pearl D'Angelico Logo and New Yorker inlays on headstock
  • Rosewood overlay with Mother of pearl diamond inlay on back of headstock
  • Multi-ply black and white binding
  • Grover Imperial Machines

Hollow body

  • Small size,  New Yorker Style 15.5" body with single cutaway finished in Violinburst
  • 2.75" body depth
  • German spruce top
  • Flamed maple back and sides
  • Multi-ply black and white binding on body and F holes
  • Hand made Ebony pickguard with hand applied mult-binding


  • Kent Armstrong fixed humbucker
  • Body mounted Controls

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