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  #100  Byrdland Single Pickup by Jim Triggs.    UNIQUE.
  Stunning!    Just the sweetest guitar to play with an amazing jazzy tone
  AAA grade straight grain Spruce carved top with a one-piece Maple back  -  just like the original.
  Gibson's best design faithfully interpreted by their best Luthier..
  Simple, classic design without the "Byrdland" engraving.
  The Master's moniker.
  Beautifully sculptured.
  Flame Maple  - always a sign of quality.
  Stunning where you don't even get to see it!.
  Cello style flight case.
  Heavily padded inside.
  A perfect fit.
  My Collection would not have been complete without this.    I love Byrdlands and, if I could start with a clean page, I would design this one  -  exactly this one.

-   Byrdland scale and body size  (perfect for me) 

-   Single Pickup  (just what the serious jazz player wants)

-   Hand carved using perfect woods   (it is amazing played acoustic)

-   Florentine Cutaway   (so easy and the right choice for a Byrd')

-   Minimum fuss and ornamentation (just a straight-forward archtop)

-   Deep, rich Vintage Sunburst.


Jim Triggs is widely credited with rescuing Gibson's reputation with the L5s and Byrdlands he personally made whilst working to "up" the quality ethos in their Custom Shop.

It is also widely recognised that Jim's Byrds are the best and this one,  made in 2008 is a perfect example of his outstanding work.    The making, fitting and finish on this are stunning.   Only one small flaw in the finish,  at the back of the neck,  prevents me from saying it is immaculate.   With that small exception it is mint.

But that's just the looks.  Play this stunning Byrd and your world changes.

It was a special customer order, specifying a Lindy Fralin Howard Roberts pickup which is bright and sonic but can be mellow and punch with the right strings.   The neck profile was a personal choice too and I have to say I love it.   It has a flattened volute but with a pronounced V at the volute, gently flowing into a soft C by the third fret.    Just like the early 50's Gibson archtop necks but, as you would expect with a Triggs Byrd,  a shallow radius to the fingerboard and a very comfortable, fast neck from Nut to Pickup.   I love to play this guitar.

Altogether very stylish.    Moreover  Its the only one!!

It is in outstanding, mint, condition and is complete with its original Custom Shop case, .     



  More pics available on request.

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