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  The Flame Maple top sets the FM apart from all other Vestax D'Angelicos.
  It plays even better than it looks!    The laminate top adds a brighter treble.
  The Flame is luxurious and bold and shows through even the darker stain.
  Stunning from every angle.
  The craftsmanship we have come to expect from Vestax.
  Ornate but perfectly balanced.
  A very subtle Rosewood grain can just be seen beneath the rich Vintage Sunburst.

DíAngelico NYSS-3b FM.

 The Holy Grail of semi-acoustics.



This is the first new Vestax model since 1999!

 First seen in Feb 2013,  it is the Flame Maple top version of its fabulous NYSS-3b. 


Designed by the legendary luthier Hideshito Shino, the NYSS-3b is a small body semi ( just a little bigger than a Les Paul) but with big sound, superb tone, outstanding character, massive sustain and excellent quality.

No longer sold in the UK, Europe or the USA,  the NYSS-3b is now built in very small numbers  for the Japanese market only.    

At the end of 2012, Vestax commissioned just six Flame Maple Top versions to be made.     They were intended to test customer reaction and I was fortunate to be offered 2 guitars from that first batch,  both Sunburst.   The others are finished;  two in Transparent Bright Blue and two in Transparent Wine Red.

They are stunning!

The tone is brighter than the Spruce top, as would be expected,  but only a little.    It has a crisper top end than the solid Spruce version whereas the Bass is pretty much the same on both models.     The tonal change from Spruce is very subtle but this guitar feels alive.

It has not yet been decided whether these initial guitars will remain a "one-off"  batch or whether they will become a standard catalogue model.    Either way,  they will not generally be available outside Japan.



I have owned several Vestax D'Angelicos (acoustic, electric and semi) and they all have in common the most perfect necks I ever have played.     For me the neck is really important and I am totally happy with these amazing guitars.

You just canít put this guitar down - itís a players instrument through and through.   The tone palette of this guitar is unbelievable.   

  For more details of the standard NYSS-3b,  please see #088

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