#102   D'ANGELICO  NYSS-3b LTD.   Bubinga. 
  I couldn't resist the Bubinga body with matching colour Maple Rims and Vintage Natural Maple neck.    Stunning!
  Back and top are both beautifully book-matched.
  The familiar classic John D'Angelico headstock design.
  The distinctive Rosewood headplate looks perfect with the Vintage Natural neck.
  A special "Silver" case for the Limited Edition.                




DíAngelico NYSS-3b LTD.

 The Holy Grail of semi-acoustics.



Hard on the heels of the new FM comes this Limited Edition of 12 NYSS-3b, finished in a choice of three exotic hardwoods.

 First seen in July 2013,  the 12 LTD examples are finished in Hawaiian Koa,  Bubinga and Silky Oak.    There are four variations of each finish, 

- matching sides with vintage natural neck

- vintage natural sides and neck

- trans-black sides and neck

- trans-blue sides and neck

Only one has been made of each option so all 12 guitars are unique!

This guitar, #6/12 , is finished in Bubinga with matching colour body sides and a Vintage Natural neck.



Designed by the legendary luthier Hideshito Shino, the NYSS-3b is a small body semi ( just a little bigger than a Les Paul) but with big sound, superb tone, outstanding character, massive sustain and excellent quality.

No longer sold in the UK, Europe or the USA,  the NYSS-3b is now built in very small numbers  for the Japanese market only.    

Early in 2013 Vestax commissioned just twelve Limited Edition  versions to be made finished in a range of three exotic hardwoods.    

They are stunning!

The tone is brighter than the Spruce top, as would be expected,  but only a little.    It has a crisper top end than the solid Spruce version whereas the Bass is perhaps a little less majestic.     The tonal change from Spruce is very subtle but this guitar feels alive.


This guitar is the nicest NYSS-3b I ever have played.    It has some special qualities that I can't yet describe.    Some guitars just feel right the minute you play them.    This is one of those guitars!

I have owned several Vestax D'Angelicos (acoustic, electric and semi) and they all have in common the most perfect necks.     For me the neck is really important and I am totally happy with these amazing guitars.

You just canít put this guitar down - itís a players instrument through and through.   The tone palette of this guitar is unbelievable.   

  For more details of the standard NYSS-3b,  please also see #088

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