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  #104   D'ANGELICO  NYSS-3b LTD.  Birdseye Maple.
  Stunning and so good to play!   The sustain goes on and on ...............
  It makes a perfect partner with #102 the Bubinga Ltd Edition.
  I couldn't resist the Natural Birdseye Maple body with Vintage Natural  Maple Rims and neck.    Stunning!
  The familiar classic John D'Angelico headstock design.
  The distinctive Rosewood headplate looks perfect with the Vintage Natural neck.
   A special "Silver" case for the Limited Edition.



DíAngelico NYSS-3b LTD.

 The Holy Grail of semi-acoustics.



Following the launch of the initial 12 Limited Edition models come a series of just four guitars finished in Birdseye Maple.    Each one has a different finish to maintain the uniqueness of each instrument!

This one is finished in Natural with Vintage Natural sides and neck.


First seen in July 2013,  the LTD models to date  have been finished in Hawaiian Koa,  Bubinga, Silky Oak, Curly Mahogany and Birdseye Maple.

There are usually four variations of each finish,  with the necks and sides finished either in Natural, Vintage Natural, Trans-black or Trans-blue.




Designed by the legendary luthier Hideshito Shiino, the NYSS-3b is a small body semi ( just a little bigger than a Les Paul) but with big sound, superb tone, outstanding character, massive sustain and excellent quality.

No longer sold in the UK, Europe or the USA,  the NYSS-3b is now built in very small numbers  for the Japanese market only.    

Early in 2013 Vestax commissioned the Limited Edition model, to be made in a range of exotic hardwoods.    

They are stunning!

The tone is brighter than the Spruce top, as would be expected,  but only a little.    It has a crisper top end than the solid Spruce version whereas the Bass is perhaps a little less majestic.     The tonal change from Spruce is very subtle but this guitar feels alive.


This guitar ranks alongside #102 as the nicest NYSS-3b I ever have played.    Like the Bubinga, some guitars just feel right the minute you play them and this is one of those guitars!

I have owned several Vestax D'Angelicos (acoustic, electric and semi) and they all have in common the most perfect necks.     For me the neck is really important and I am totally happy with these amazing guitars.

You just canít put this guitar down - itís a players instrument through and through.   The tone palette of this guitar is unbelievable.   

  For more details of the standard NYSS-3b,  please also see #088

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