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 jazz guitars for sale

  Guitars for Sale.  

#043  Gibson ES JAZZMASTER.   

A one-off Special Customer Order built by Dan Torres of California.

  Gibson ES Artist Jazzmaster
  Gibson ES Artist Jazzmaster
  Yes,  its the Jazz Switch that is on (bottom left). 
  Gibson ES Artist Jazzmaster
  Full ES ARTIST spec with completely redesigned electrics  -  bluesy!!
  Gibson ES Artist Jazzmaster
  Exquisite Flame Maple beneath the tri-burst.
  Gibson ES Artist Jazzmaster
  One of the best necks I have played.
  Gibson ES Artist Jazzmaster
  Top of the range ES with speed tuners.
  Gibson ES Artist Jazzmaster
  No active circuitry now so the battery cover merely hints at its past.
  Gibson ES Artist Jazzmaster
  The photo doesn't do justice  -  it looks just like polished tortoiseshell!!
  Gibson ES Artist Jazzmaster
  Just like new  -  and so is the case!

A one-off Special Customer Order designed and built by Dan Torres.


This guitar was the brain-child of West Coast blues guitarist Ted Gay.     Ted bought this ES Artist as a fully functioning guitar and sent it to Dan Torres in California for a complete re-design of the electrics.  http://torresengineering.com/famguitkit.html.  

It was created to satisfy every requirement of a modern Jazz/ Blues guitarist.   Ted told me he wanted the feel of an ES with the capabilities of a PRS. 

Dan gave it his now revered Torres Hot humbuckers, and incorporated a coil tap, series/parallel, phase switching and his newly created "Jazz Switch".    

Thatís why I bought it  -  I had to have a guitars with a Jazz Switch!     It adds an RF filter to the output jack and attenuates the output for mellower tone.  The effect is quite subtle at low volumes but grows at higher volumes. 

So Ted finished up with an archtop that was pretty feedback-proof (no f-holes)  with mighty power and all the wiring options that would give him every jazz colour he needed.   From Herb Ellis to John Schofield all in one guitar!

This is a serious jazz/blues guitar.   It screams, it wails, it cries Ė and those hot Torres humbuckers are hotter than hot.    

Necks matter to me and this one is one of the best I have played.    It feels just right.    This guitar has had very little play time and the fingerboard looks and feels like new as does the whole guitar.

Superb to play it also is stunning to look at.     It has a heavily flamed 335-style body without f-holes, a magnificent flame maple neck with 7-layer body binding and ES Artist inlayed headstock.    Apart from the electrics it is all original, with original speed crank machine heads and original case.    This instrument is in superb condition - absolute top of the 335 line.



In the guitar are two Torres hand-wound hot PAF humbuckers and a custom wiring harness designed by Dan Torres, incorporating : Volume pot push-pull for coil tap; Tone pot; Series/parallel switch; phase switch; Jazz on/off switch adds a RF filter to the output jack and attenuates the output for mellower tone when on, or leave off for full power of the pickups.

This special edition 335 is excellent for all music styles.   Very versatile and very well built.    Made with all American, top-shelf parts.


The overall guitar is a delight to look at and a really jazzy/bluesy instrument to play  -  very stylish.

It is in outstanding condition and is complete with its original case.   

I acquired this guitar directly from Ted Gay who commissioned it and this is the first time it has been offered for sale.



The host guitar for this Special was a 1980 ES ARTIST stamped SECOND on the headstock. In the UK the term Second denotes a defect but Gibson used this device to offer "end of run" guitars to dealers at discounted prices!

I can assure you that there are absolutely no issues with this guitar either structural or cosmetic. 

It is on record that the ES Artist model quickly became obsolete with the advent of pedals.   When there was nothing the Artist could do that wasnít more cheaply and effectively done by stomp boxes,  Gibson stamped the last 15 or so ES Artists as Seconds in order to move them out to dealers at an attractive price.

This is one of those guitars and perfectly suited to becoming a one-off.





  Price :  £ 2,250  plus shipment (Insurance optional).   
  More pics available on request.

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