The justjazzguitars collection of vintage and rare jazz archtops.

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D'Angelico NYL-2, #045 Gibson ES Artist, #049 D'Angelico NYL-2 Custom, #051Hofner Jazica, #055 Benedetto Fratello, #059 Hofner T6S, #060 Guild Manhattan X 175,

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 jazz archtops for sale

  Guitars 4 Sale.

From my personal collection of classic, rare & vintage jazz archtops.


FEBRUARY SALE LIST.     Vintage through to Modern.

  1975 #096 Guild X-500 Special  -  Single Pickup.    1 of only 2 made.  Vintage Provenance.  Reduced to 3950   
  1980 #043 Gibson ES Artist JazzMaster.    One-off by Dan Torres of California  HOLD  
  1999 #107 Guild X-700 LS.   GUILD CUSTOM SHOP.            Unique.  Great tone.  Ideal 4 Big Band.  So Jazzy  Reduced to 3950   
  2004 #086 Guild Benedetto Johnny Smith Award.    Immaculate.  Guild's best ever archtop  SOLD 


  2005 #034 D'Angelico NYS-2 by VESTAX.   Superb.   Mint.   Hard to find in this condition  Reduced to 3450   
  2006 #098 Guild Benedetto X-700 - Single Pickup.   1 of 2.    Immaculate.   SOLD 


  2008 #100 Triggs Byrdland Single Pickup.    A one-off Customer order.    Mint.                SOLD 


  2012 #099 D'Angelico NYS-2 FH in Violinburst.                   A one-off Special Order.   Perfect.   Mint.    NEW 


  2013 #101 D'Angelico NYSS-3b Flame Maple Top.     Amazing Sunburst.. Unplayed.  Reduced to 3450   
  2013 #102 D'Angelico NYSS-3b LTD In Bubinga.                  1 of only 2    Immaculate.  Reduced to 3450   
  2014 #104 D'Angelico NYSS-3b LTD In Birds Eye Maple.       1 of only 2   Pristine.  Reduced to 3450   

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